My family's 'Antico Monastero’ dates back to the beginning of the 18th century.

18th century

Antico Monastero (Ancient Monastery) was a centre of work and commitment.

My great-uncle Valentino (from whom I took the name Valentina), a monk living in the monastery, worked and cultivated the land in order to enjoy the magnificent fruits the nature can give. This allowed him to dedicate himself to his passion, to take care of the vineyards that surrounded the Monastery and the production of wine: using the knowledge passed down through generations and generations, he began to make small quantities of wine and spread his knowledge inside the Monastery.

2nd World War

During the Second World War, was destroyed by Allied bombs.

Few things were found after this event, including some texts written by my great-uncle Valentino, in which the methods and techniques used almost 100 years ago, at a time when the tools we take for granted today did not exist.


These documents sparked Valentina's curiosity and desire to rediscover the old family traditions

Deeply rooted in her origins and motivated by the great affection she felt for her great-uncle, now deceased, she decided to take up and re-propose his teachings in a modern key, producing typical Piedmonts wines under the brand name which, in honour of this history, takes the name “Antico Monastero”.